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The Studio

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Pure Magnolia’s studio is located off Marine Dr in North Vancouver. This ‘hidden gem’ of the North Shore is where we produce all our dresses. Our local clients love that they can see where their dress is being made. Made local and ethical is very important to us. We make sure that all our staff have a nice workspace, and a great work atmosphere.

In the studio you will find a few of our favorite people.

Mandy is our head seamstress and she takes care of all the tricky or special order gowns. Her fingers are magic with silk and she is always up for a new challenge.

Mahyar is our separates specialist. She is quick, so she loves doing quick pieces like skirts and tops. You will often find her under a pile of tulle as she puts together another one of our popular tulle skirts.

Nina works on all of the new styles and she helps to cut each and every gown (with Patty). She can look at a pattern and know just how to put it together to make it perfect.

In the office is Patty and Rosie, you will find them bantering back and forth all day long. Patty tries to focus most of her day on the patterns and production schedule and Rosie is finding all our beautiful fabrics and manages all our retailers accounts.