Designed for the Bride Who Expects More!
Our mission is to create beautiful gowns for happy clients without compromising our passion for sustainable fashion. We think that every fashion company, big or small, has a responsibility to society to make ethical choices that don’t just reflect the bottom line. From choice of fabrics, to labour and quality of garments, we are committed to making gowns that stand the test of time, support our community, and are gentle to nature.
At Pure Magnolia, we’re passionate about what we do. It’s not just about creating gorgeous dresses - it’s about working with our clients to find their perfect fit while helping the environment at the same time. We want everyone who wears our dresses to feel amazing: comfortable, beautiful, and proud of their commitment to ethical fashion. By choosing Pure Magnolia, you choose not just style, but kindness.


  • Responsible sourcing - We like to do our research and find out exactly where our fabrics are coming from and how they are being produced.
  • Locally-made - We try to keep our footprint to the minimum, and all of our dresses are made in-house. You can even have a sneak peak of your dress being made!
  • Natural fabrics - We stay away from synthetic fabrics and use recycled fabric whenever possible.
  • Reducing waste - We save our scrap fabric to use them when cutting new pieces. The rest is picked up by FABCYCLE (find out more about the amazing work they do!)
  • Fair wages - We appreciate the hard work of our team, and know the value of their efforts.