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Pure Magnolia



We are all about the people. Patty started Pure Magnolia in 2009 while finishing her degree in Fashion design. For the first couple years Patty was the whole company with some help from a few friends in the busy times. From a project at school, Pure Magnolia became a small company, just a website and a couple brides, but each year it grew. We started in a small shared studio, but moved to our own 500sqft space after the first year. Mandy joined as our head sewer in 2011 and took Pure Magnolia to a new level, and a new space soon after. Since then there have been many more people joining and leaving us, but our core group here also includes Nina and Mahyar.

Behind the seams at Pure Magnolia


Each one of us is passionate about what we do; not just about making pretty wedding dresses, it is easy to be passionate about that. We are passionate about creating a fashion industry that is good for our society, rather than one that profits from harming people and the earth. We stand for Ethical values in the fashion industry, fabric production, labor wages and conditions and responsible utilization of raw materials. We think that every fashion company, big or small, had a responsibility to society to make ethical choices that don’t just reflect the bottom line.

Behind the scenes at Pure Magnolia

Patty created this company after seeing how much waste and how unethical the fashion, and specifically, wedding industry is. Patty wanted to make a difference, to make wedding gowns that brides were happy and proud to wear because they knew the people who made the dress, they knew the fabrics came from factories that were making ethical choices and they knew the bottom line was not the goal.

Art is created for the sake of sharing something beautiful. We are passionate about our art, our craft, which is why we love to work here and make our beautiful gowns.

If you happen to be close by, stop in and say hi! Or if you are far away, follow our insta stories to keep up with whats happening behind the scenes with Patty, Mandy, Nina and Mahyar.

Mandy working on a beautiful wedding gown